3rd Step: Technology Card

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2 min readMar 10, 2019


Technology — Virtual Reality

Did you ever read the book or watch the movie, “Ready Player One” in which people lived most of their lives in an “oasis” or did you ever see “Star Trek” and recognize the Holodeck, from which they simulated other planets and surroundings?

Today, with all our existing devices, we are able to not only create such worlds but visit them. What else could we do with these virtual realities? With the use of VR, going to school could be something entirely different, vacation could be on Jupiter, and learning a sport could happen wherever and at your own leisure.

Why did we create this card?

It is vital that we understand the world and our impact. Although virtual worlds already exist, we can now decide how we use these new technologies. Virtual reality gives us the opportunity to explore the world in closer detail than we previously thought was possible. Even archeologists use VR (Virtual Reality) to better observe their object of study. Pilots train in simulators and even gamers move their whole body, not just their hands, in virtual games. Virtual reality is not a trend, but now an active part of our world, so get ready player one!

The game consists of 5 decks. Starting with the selection of a challenge, briefing, or goal, the user should draw random or specific cards from each of the decks that correspond to the tools or mediums that will be used to create an idea.

Myndset — How does it work?

Each card represents a topic along with an icon and some keywords. They are designed to stimulate creative thinking, challenge the user to find alternative solutions, design behavior and help them present their fresh ideas.

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