5th Step: Emotion Card

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2 min readMar 12, 2019


Emotion — Curiosity

As children, we were curious and wanted to know everything. Besides the sentence “mom, how long does it take?” our favorite word was “why,” and we used it often.

As kids, we thought the days never ended, each day full of new wonders. Now, as we grow old, the world loses its childhood curiosity because we believe that we are wise and understand everything. Our days suddenly become dull and repetitive. Yet, we must re-channel our childhood and again use the power of curiosity.

Curiosity is the key to seeing new things, enabling us to innovate and expand our minds.

It is now time to stimulate curiosity in others. Inspire people to search for new solutions, give them the opportunity to experiment with new ideas and to discover not only new work methods but more about themselves.

Why did we create this card?

Why is our society in such a bad shape? It is because we lack the appreciation for curiosity as adults. As adults, we learn and adapt to the belief that we simply need to keep our heads down and do our jobs to succeed. But to create, we must use our childhood skill of being curious to experiment and inspire others.

The game consists of 5 decks. Starting with the selection of a challenge, briefing, or goal, the user should draw random or specific cards from each of the decks that correspond to the tools or mediums that will be used to create an idea.

Myndset — How does it work?

Each card represents a topic along with an icon and some keywords. They are designed to stimulate creative thinking, challenge the user to find alternative solutions, design behavior and help them present their fresh ideas.

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